Victoria Evans (victoria_evans) wrote in mvids,
Victoria Evans

Lying From You [Ginger Snaps]

No fancy picture this time on account of my Adobe Photoshop trial expired & now I have to actually buy a copy ;[
This video is a tale of two sisters featuring the musical stylings of Linkin Park.
So it's basically a Ginger/Brigette comparison & is focused on their relationship as sisters & as lycanthropes.
the very worst part of you is me

You can download Lying From You Here
Song: Lying From You By Linkin Park
Fandom: Ginger Snaps & Ginger Snaps : Unleashed
Rated: PG-13 Violence, Drug Use & Mature Themes
Size: 41.16 MB WMV ZIP
Notes: Out by sixteen or dead in the scene but together for fucking ever.

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