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Music Vid Haven

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I made this community so others can share their music vids or for those who just enjoy watching them. If you need a place to host your vids, youtube is a good place or you can use megaupload for downloading purposes.


1. I'd like for all vidder's to fill out this basic form when posting vids.

Title: (only if it's different then song title)
Song: (also include the artist)
Type: (shipper, constructed reality, episodic, etc)
Characters: (what characters are in the vid)
Pairing: (if any)
Summary: (if any)
Warnings: (spoilers, slash, etc)
Credits: (where'd you get the clips)
Video Link:

Note: If you make your own credits or put the credits in the vid itself you don't need to state it in the post. For ensemble vids you don't need to list every single character just put ensemble, example BTVS Ensemble. For anyone unfamiliar with the vid term constructed reality, it's just like AU in the fic world only in the vid world it's referred to as constructed reality or CR.

2. I will under no circumstances tolerate flaming. Constructive critizism is find but flaming isn't. If I find anyone flaming other members vids or members themselves you will be banned.

3. I'd also like you to put in the subject line the following: Title, Fandom, Pairing(if any).

4. I'll also allow video challenges just make sure it's clear that's what it is. But if we start getting too many I'll just make a separate community for vid challenges.

5. Clip requests are find as well. But like with the challenges if we get to many I'll just make a separate community for those.

6. Tribute vids are fine too. Just make sure it's clear that's what it is.